Saturday, November 19, 2005

bad start

chrrrrrrriissssssst.i just wrote a massive long entry that has been lost in space.although this has fanned my rage it has also quelled my motivation,so to make up for it i shall hereby summarise in point...
*i live in a picturesque town,lovely lovely.
*but scenery is oftentimes marred by the approachings of.....ignorant folk!!!
*these are weird creatures who see you from miles away,pass you by and wouls rather drop dead than say hi.
*this epidemic of ignorance is not new,but has been widespread for years and years.
*just watch their joyless tight faces drain when a normally adjusted person says hey!they freak fucking out.
*said folk is likely to think you are mental.
*even more bizzre/hilarious is passing by people who you kinda knew in school.when ambling tis nigh impossible to pretend you havent seen them,so often a"conversation" painfully follows.
*suggestions to overcome this rancid barricade include : stopping mid-track and doing a monkey dance in their faces.be OTT elated to see them, or scream after them"you've left your dog-poo!!!!!!!!!!!".after that they'll be shunned by yummy mummies and bored proffessionals alike.ha!

in short,politeness of the normal degree is in fact non-existent here.why?because this is a poxy commuter town,no one's up for the craic,and people here seem to think they're better than who they actually are,losers.....just a thought.


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