Monday, November 28, 2005

oh alright then,just one though!!!

so i went kareoke singing.not the cool japanese version,korean,poor mans version.it was fucking bizarre,was like bein in someone's sitting room,seeing as how we had our own room,with tv and bathroom!!it wasn't long before enough wine had been consumed to dearmour us of any tinge of modesty.of course i hung back for a while,letting the others bat out tinkly renditions of "im all shook up" and "can't buy me love".barf.course it didn't help that the words were scrolling across slower than the music.

before i knew it the politeness of "you go,no you!!i'm not really into it..." had passed,i snatched the mike and started belting out the jovi (that's jon bon to you).sure the crowds were goin ape shit.after that it was a bit of frankie,new york,new york.i know,i need to come out of my shell a bit.jesus i thought i was gonna pop a vessle.but i ask you,is there any point in making a tit of yourself for "i got you babe"???fuck no.

after a while the novelty wore off and we realised we were all shit,but i highly recommend it if you've never done it.one thing though...know your audience.it's one thing cursing your mates out of it during a plinky instrumental,quite another telling someone's granny/aunt to "wave yo muthafuckin' hands like you just don't carrrrrrrrrrre".hmm.

and so the question is,what's your gulity pleasure??i have to say you can't beat a bit of meatloaf,it's dramatic ,it's tacky and it's fucking value for money.those fuckers are never-ending.baby we can talk all night.........


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Binty McShae said...

Man, far worse than karaoke-ing is pissed up dancing. With equally pissed up mates who tell you you're good at it. Which just means you do it all the more. Fucking hell, do I regret last night's attempt at the moonwalk.....

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Andraste said...

I'm too shy to even do karaoke with my friends. Too bad...I have a lovely voice. But this shyness is why I'm not a rock star.


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