Wednesday, February 08, 2006

emmmm,again, said list...

7 books...

Wuthering heights
the Bell Jar
Life of Pi
On the road
One hundred secret senses
East of Eden

7 things i can't do...

cook well
laugh on cue
keep my car tidy
dance to shit music
plan or type
play an instument

7 things i say....

Oh for fucksake!
hows it goin'?
good one.
Sit down an be quiet!
Right, today we're going to...
I hate my job

7 films...

Donnie Darko
The goonies
Breakfast at tiffanies
y tu mama tambien
one flew over the cuckoo's nest
kiss kiss, bang bang
legends of the falls

7 things to do before i die...

fall in love with someone who loves me back the same
travel to south america
do some volunteer work
live in a cottage by the sea
be in a play.
go horse riding in a warm field
work somewhere i feel good

ok,i think i did pretty frickin' well,that's it yo!!not doin the rest,ok???thanks..

said list...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

oink oink

this is wilbur all!!! how cute is he??a great thanks to AB for pointing that link out,suffice to say a childhood dream has been accomplished finally, always wanted a pig and couldn't for the life of understand why we couldnt get one,considering they only would have eaten leftovers and the like.......
will get to that cursed list yoke later,sigh...